Online Facilitated Learning

Does it feel like everything has come to a sudden standstill? What are you to do with your time? Online learning via virtual classrooms helps you to get back on track and develop the skills you will need when you take on the world again.

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Learning in your own comfort and safety

It was just 4 months ago that our lives were abuzz with activities. All that year-end rush: working against the clock to get that year-end report out, completing that year-end appraisal report, organising the year-end management retreats, and the list goes on. To top it all off, HR was chasing everyone to attend training – which had been placed on a back burner for the whole year. Who would have the time to attend training when there were so many pressing issues, you wondered?

Fast forward to the present; with COVID-19 ravaging the world, life suddenly came to a standstill. The irony of life is that with suddenly so much time on hand, we are not sure what we can do within the confines of our residences.

Besides taking time to recharge, this would be the perfect time to re-focus on your personal and professional learning and development. When the economy gets back on track again, you will want to be well-equipped with the skills and knowledge to contribute positively to your company. So, how about considering attending that writing course you had planned to since last year but this time, in a virtual classroom through online facilitated learning?

A virtual classroom is simply an online space where learning happens real-time in the company of fellow participants, facilitated by a trainer. This is also sometimes known as synchronous online learning or dynamic e-learning and offers experiences that are similar to a typical classroom-based training. You can pose questions to the trainer and receive an instant answer, learn from your peers and share best practices with other participants, view presentations and videos, and engage in group learning activities.

Besides allowing a safe space to ask questions, this mode of learning also allows interaction with others while overcoming the need for physical proximity. It is undeniable that such online facilitated learning provides unparalleled convenience of learning from the comfort of your home and cuts down the time spent travelling to the training location. With digital skills being a workplace essential, attending a course that is facilitated online real-time allows you to improve your skills and knowledge in a particular area of competency while at the same time helps you to sharpen your digital skills.

In short, by attending an online facilitated learning, you get the same value (or more!) but in the safety and comfort of your home. It is killing two birds with one stone, which certainly makes exploring this mode of learning worth considering.


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