At EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd, we understand the value of consistent improvement and development of individuals and the organisation. Keeping your staff up to date on knowledge and skills that apply to their roles can ensure that they stay competitive and current in this fast moving world.

Why In-House?

  • In-House is often the cost-effective way to go when you need to train a number of staff with the same training requirements.
  • You can customise your training needs to align it with your organisational culture, work processes and strategic vision.
  • Training can be conducted at your venue, and according to your date and method of choice.

Explore the following areas to get started on your very own uniquely-designed organisational development:

Executive Skills - Personal Competencies

Productivity, Effectiveness and Efficiency does not just happen!

In the modern workplace, every professional worker must be equipped with certain core skills in order to manage his/ her personal job well. They are also pre-requisites for greater responsibilities.

Executive Skills - Managing Subordinates’ Performance

Apart from the first level employees, most of our jobs are done through our subordinates. We are also held accountable in a variety of ways for the productivity of the team.

Managing subordinates’ performance is at the core of managerial effectiveness.

Human Resource Management

The core of human resource management (HRM) is about leading employees to perform their best for the organisation. As such, it is in everybody’s interest for every line manager, executive, supervisor, team leader to collaborate with the HR practitioner in the organisation to bring the best out of employees and teams. These courses provide the foundation and practicalities of the HRM discipline to HR practitioners, new entrants to the profession and line managers.

Secretarial & Office Administration

In a fast paced and fast changing work environment, where both technology, work arrangement changes quickly, secretaries and the office support team need to be fully equipped with the latest work technology and methodology in order to provide sophisticated support service to the operation. They must be an asset to the demanding process rather than be a liability.


Being able to communicate effectively at work can be your greatest competitive advantage.

Learning how to successfully get your messages across to your audience can not only get things done easily and more smoothly, it can also make a whole difference to how you come across to others.

Customer Service

Excellent customer service distinguishes your organisation with your competitors.

Equip your front line customer contact staff with the tools and skills that will make a difference!

Team Building

Some of us excel in teams whereas others perform better alone. However, the fact remains that in such a dynamic work environment, teamwork is crucial and working well in them is highly valued.

Learn how to understand your team members and bond well with them.


SDF-Approved Courses

For courses that are pre-approved by WDA, companies are able to claim SDF for each employee who has attended the course on a per hour basis. For a user guide on how to apply for your SDF claim, please refer to this page.

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