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to get you back on track

There are moments when we’re all caught up in the tidal waves of work, responsibilities and worries about whether we’re doing alright where we are.

Why not gain some inspiration to get your goals and purpose for achieving them back on track? Perhaps some of these articles may just be the reminder you need.

Online Facilitated Learning

Does it feel like everything has come to a sudden standstill? What are you to do with your time? Online learning via virtual classrooms helps you to get back on track and develop the skills you will need when you take on the world again.

Quality of a Good Trainer

Every trainer is unique in their background, characters and style of training. However, there are also common traits that successful trainers often display. Below are

Engaged Millenials

Engaging Millennials at Work

We often hear millennials been labelled as “lazy”, “needy” or “entitled” by the media. Contrary to the negative stereotype, a study conducted by ManpowerGroup in 2016

Introduction to 360-Degree Feedback

“We all need people who will give us feedback. That’s how we improve.”, said Bill Gates. There is no doubt that individuals need constructive feedback