Setting KPIs & Goals for Effective Job Performance

Setting SMART and realistic goals and KPIs helps to point your employees and organisation in the ideal direction. Learn what works, and what doesn’t.

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0028049

KPIs and goals setting is with the end in mind. Most organisations practice some degree of management by objectives (MBO), some call it strategic thrusts, some call it strategic pillars, some are driven by corporate vision, mission and strategy; yet other organisations adopted variations of the balance scorecard model. Regardless of which business model, management and employees must be equipped with the skills to set clear and aligned key performance indicators and individual staff goals.

From the employee point of view, the connection between their goals, performance and rewards must achieve what is known as the “line of sight” principle.

This workshop will help participants to align understanding of the strategic planning process, use of terminology, the quality of written KPIs and goals, as well as alignment between organisation, departmental and individual KPIs and goals. It will also provide the necessary soft skills to guide supervisors and managers to lead their team towards successful goal achievement.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • appreciate the strategic planning process
  • identify relevant and important KPIs
  • align yourself with corporate KPIs and individual accountabilities
  • write clear and SMART goals
  • guide your staff to achieve the goals


  • Performance Management
    – The performance management cycle
    – Types of goal
  • Achievement Goals
    – Vision, mission and strategic areas
    – Strategic planning process
    – Level of key performance indicators (KPI)
    – Parts of KPIs
    – Linking department objectives to corporate KPIs
    – Setting quantifiable baseline, stretched, transformational targets
    – Demonstration of a systematic planning process
  • Accountability Goals
    – Reviewing key outcomes of a job
    – SMART goal criteria
    – Level of outcome
  • Managing Towards Goal Achievement
    – Clarity in goal setting
    – Acknowledging progress
    – Redirecting behavioural issues

Who should attend?

Managers, executives, officers, engineers, project team leaders and supervisors who need to set goals for their team, themselves as well as guide their subordinates to set relevant goals.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of lectures, case studies and group discussions.


Mr William Thien is a consultant and trainer with EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd (EON), a human resource consulting services and training provider providing a wide range of human resource management and development support services to companies in Singapore.

He is a certified Practicing Management Consultant (PMC, Bilingual in English and Chinese), Certified Productivity Consultant (CPC) and a Certified Workplace Learning Specialist (CWLS).  He is an Associate Consultant with the Singapore Productivity Centre (SPC), and a member of the Singapore Productivity Association (SPA). For his related work experience and contribution in the field of human capability development, William was recognised as a Specialist Adult Educator (SAE) by the Institute for Adult Learning (IAL) in 2016 under the AE Professionalisation Scheme.  He is also a certified Workplace Learning Specialist (CWLS) with IAL.

Other than his professional work, William has been the inaugural Chairman of the Special Interest Group (Coaching and Mentoring) at IAL’s Adults Education Network. He is also a member of the HR Committee at St Luke’s Hospital. William has worked in the shipbuilding, engineering and construction as well as the hotel industries.  During his work, he carried a wide variety of portfolios, including recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits, performance management, employee industrial relations and training & development. 

William is the key contributor for ‘The Hands On Guide – Human Resource Manager, Singapore’, ‘HR Letters, Forms and Policies, Singapore’ and co-author of the Singapore chapter of ‘Employment Law Asia’ published by CCH Asia Pte Ltd. He has also been an editorial advisor of the publication People Strategies.

Essential Information

Available Dates

  • 4 March 2020 (EB: 12/2/2020)
  • 2 June 2020 (EB: 12/5/2020)
  • 11 September 2020 (EB: 20/8/2020)
  • 1 December 2020 (EB: 10/11/2020)


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