Recruitment & Selection Techniques: Hiring the Right People

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Ensure that you stay competitive, successful and avoid unnecessary people problems by having in place an effective recruitment process.
Conducted via Virtual Classroom

Date: 27 & 28 Jul 2021

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To ensure that an organisation is competitive and successful and avoid unnecessary people problems, it is essential to put in place an effective process for its recruiters to be effective in employee hiring. If one exercises careful selection of the right type of candidates at the hiring stage, one could save the organisation from dealing with performance-related problems at a later stage.

Hence, in hiring, one must ensure that the right people are attracted in the first place. In most organisations, the selection and interview processes are still the main approaches used for hiring, and is the most effective, if done correctly.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • be equipped with the relevant interviewing skills and techniques to assess candidates consistently and accurately
  • meet strategic selection objectives effectively with competency-based interview techniques
  • use questions as well as observation and listening skills to make accurate assessment of candidates
  • conduct structured competency-based interviews confidently and effectively with the competency evidence collection framework


  • Understanding Effective Competency Based Interview (CBI) Selection Method:
    – Definition, scope and strategies
    – Mechanism before, during and after the interview
  • Preparing and Planning for CBI Selection Approach
    – Documentation review
    – Identify gaps and questions
  • Understanding the “Performance Matrix” and its applications in the selection process
    – Competencies, actions, behaviours, results and impact
  • Determining required competencies
    – From job descriptions, performance capabilities and success profiles
    – Learning from Skills Framework
  • Determining performance-oriented selection criteria
    – For different levels of appointments
  • The effective approach to selection interview
    – Welcoming the interviewee and putting him at ease (effectively opening the interview)
    – Speak and listen, get information
    – Use of questions
    – Get the interviewee to speak and relate to experiences
    – Check for conflicting information
    – Controlling the process
    – Check and counter check
    – Record notes
  • Asking appropriate questions to assess “soft skills” and “values”
    – Assessing culture fit, interpersonal skills and “other abilities”
  • Identifying evidence for competencies
    –  S.T.A.R. approach
    – Detecting result-driven behaviours and actions
    – Documenting and verifying performance related evidence in CBI
  • Asking in-depth questions with different CBI perspectives
    – Probe for the integrity of candidates
  • Common Do’s & Don’ts when interviewing
    – Guidelines from the Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices
  • Making selection decisions
    – Ensuring that candidates to be hired are able to learn and grow with the organisation
    – Using the right set of selection criteria
    – Evaluating and integrating all information to make the most accurate, balanced hiring recommendations and decisions
    – Recommendation for post-hiring follow-up actions for any specific candidates
Who should attend?

Supervisors, executives and managers who will be hiring and recruiting for their companies.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of application exercises, group discussions and discussions on actual recruitment problems with experience-sharing.


Mr Victor Kow has more than 38 years of experience in senior management functions, human resource management, training & development, management & leadership development, employee relations information technology management and management consultancy in both the public and private sectors in the Asia Pacific region. He has conducted numerous management training courses and carried various management consultancy work in the Asia-Pacific region in both English and Chinese.

Some of his recent clients include trainees from Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Defence, Changi General Hospital, National Healthcare Group, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, National University of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore Turf Club, Civil Service College and Ong Teng Cheong Institute of Labour Leadership.

Victor is currently designing and conducting training workshops in major areas of management & leadership, human resource management, problem solving and decision making skills and personality profiling and advice. He is also lecturing on subjects in Human Capital Management, Strategic HR Information Management and Strategic Training Needs Identification and Organisational Behaviours.

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