Time and Stress Management Skills

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With only a limited amount of working hours per day, no one can afford to waste the hours away or risk a burnout. Learn to manage your time today.
Conducted via Virtual Classroom

Date: 3 Sep 2021

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“I don’t have time!” How often have we heard these words? We have even said it ourselves. Take a moment and reflect. How often have we wasted our time away without realising it? Thus, a better understanding and awareness of how we spend our time and learning the technique to help us improve our time management would help us to be more focused and spend our time productively. After all, time is a scarce and valuable resource.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • recognise stress and its impact on you
  • apply the techniques to manage
    yourself in order to reduce stress, work effectively in the situation
    you are in and enjoy what you do
  • apply the techniques for managing your time and identify when they can be used
  • discover how being assertive and managing the expectations of others can help you to gain more time


  • Introduction to Stress
    – Stress and its impact on you
    – What are the stress signals?
    – How are stress and time management related?
    – Can we really manage time?
  • Managing yourself to reduce stress
    – Understand the emotional system to help you reduce stress
    – Increase your influence
  • Identifying the time wasters in your life
  • Time (activities) management tools and models to be more effective and get things done
    – Understand the psychology and external factors for procrastination
    – Overcoming procrastination
    – Get organised – the COR steps
    – The 80/20 rule
    – Gaining focus – urgent vs important
    – Weekly planning
  • Handle interruptions
    – Identify persistent offenders
    – Time log
    – Learning to use the ‘straight’ or ‘soft’ No to persistent offenders
Who should attend?

Executives and supervisors who needs to effectively manage their time and work.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of lectures, case studies and group discussions.


Ms Chua Bee Choo has been training adult learners since 1999 and her areas of training include; Customer Service, WITS/IQC, WSQ Courses in customer service, EI Intelligence at work, EI Skills & Handling Difficult Customers, Time Management, Supervising and Coaching Staff for Service Excellence, Working with People of Different Personalities and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

She holds a Master of Education in Training and Development with the University of Sheffield, Bachelor of Arts (Hons), Diploma in HRD, Associate Diploma in Customer Service (USA) and the Associate Diploma in Public Speaking (LCM), a Certified Trainer for the Disc Profiling System, Certified Trainer for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Certified Six Seconds Associate EQ Trainer and Certified Stress Management Consultant. She has also attained ACTA certification awarded by WDA. She was also one of the recipients of CSC (Civil Service College) Trainer Excellence Award 2012.

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