Professional & Effective Presentations


Overcome one of the major challenges of professionals – being able to confidently and effectively present to your intended audience.

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0048755

Your presentation skills can make a difference between success and failure when you are trying to sell to a client, propose new ideas to management or communicate changes to colleagues. Yet, many professionals find giving presentations to be one of their biggest challenges.

This course aims to give you useful tips and techniques, which are fundamental to ensure your success. Learn how to develop and organise content in interesting and engaging ways that will help you communicate your message with clarity and effectiveness. Learn ways to manage presentation fears, master non-verbal techniques to deliver with poise and power, and manage Q & A sessions confidently.

This course will help you to deliver every presentation professionally and effectively.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • plan, organise and prepare an effective presentation
  • deliver presentations with increased confidence and impact
  • manage question-and-answer sessions effectively


  • Critical elements for a successful presentation
    – ABCDE essentials for success
  • Designing presentations with audience in mind
    – Audience analysis
    – Audience types and needs
    – Implications for presenter
  • Making content more interesting and engaging
    – Establish presentation objectives/purpose
    – Select the right structure
    – Enliven serious, boring content
  • Creating impactful and engaging slides
    – Slide design guidelines
    – Current design practices
    – Other visual aid techniques
  • Converting presentation fears to peak performance
    – Techniques to convert nervous energy for peak performance
    – Enhance credibility by starting right
    – Dressing for success
    – Eliminate verbal tics
  • Using your body language to augment your message
    – Mannerisms and movement
    – Sit or stand during presentations
  • Using your voice to deliver more convincingly
    – Managing your voice
    – Keys to speaking convincingly
  • Handling audio-visual equipment with finesse
    – Proper ways and tips to handle audio-visual equipment
  • Managing difficult Q & A sessions
    – Leverage on Q & A
    – Steps to answering questions
    – Strategies for handling difficult questions
  • Putting learning into practice

Who should attend?

Anyone who makes presentations as part of their job roles or anyone who wishes to improve his/her presentation skills.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of short lectures, group discussions, video, practice, demonstration, group and individual presentations.


  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Powerpoint/Mac Pages software
  • A laptop with Microsoft Powerpoint/Mac Pages software installed (to be brought by participant)
  • An individual 5-minute practice presentation


Ms Vanisa Lee has many years of experience teaching and facilitating adult learning, specialising in human resource, training and organisational culture. An Associate Trainer with the Civil Service College, NTUC Learninghub and previously the National Community Leadership Training Institute, Vanisa has designed and delivered training for various government agencies as well as the Embassy of UAE. She is recognised by the Institute of Adult Learning (Singapore) as an Associate Adult Educator.

She holds a Master of Education from the University of Southern Queensland (Australia), a Second Class Honours (Upper) Degree in Social Science from the National University of Singapore (Social Work), a Diploma in Training and Development Management from the Institute of Training and Development (UK) and another Diploma in Teaching of English as a Second Language (TESOL). Besides these, she is a certified coach for the Spalding Method to Literacy and a certified behavior analyst of Personality Profiling System (DISC). She also possesses Workforce Singapore’s (formerly Workforce Development Agency (WDA)) Work Skills Qualification- Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (WSQ-ACTA). Vanisa is also trained by Harvard University Professor Robert Kegan to facilitate personal/group development using the Unlocking the Immunity to Change Approach™.

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