Problem Solving & Decision Making

Do you dive right into solving a problem or do you assess your options first? Learn to make reliable decisions through systematic methods of problem solving.

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0048935

Problems are never-ending; but when you come across them, how do you go about resolving them? Do you dive right in, or do you first assess all possibilities that might have caused them?

The failure to resolve a problem might cause issues to snowball into situations that are tricky and tedious to manage. Therefore, settling on the most suitable course of action requires careful assessment and the involvement of respective stakeholders, who will play the key roles in making the final decisions in order to move the situation forward.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • identify problems and “occurrences”
  • engage the respective stakeholders
  • identify root causes
  • use the Fishbone diagram to solve problems
  • apply “user-experience” to stay focused and specific
  • understand the importance of a committed action-planning
  • understand how to coach and innovate as you solve problems


  • Introduction to Problem Solving
    – Mountain or a Molehill: identifying the problem
    – Stakeholders in a situation and their roles when faced with a problem
  • Getting to the Root of the Problem
    – Landscape of current issues
    – Root-causes: 5W+1H
    – Fishbone Diagram: relevant use through engagement and probing techniques
  • A Step Closer to a Solution
    – Engaging “User-Experience” for a more realistic solution
    – Problem-solve with 5Ps: Purpose, People, Price, Pace and Plans
  • Ensuring Non-recurrence
    – Myth or mystery?
  • Taking on the Problem Together
    – Committed action-orientation: team ownership and accountability
    – Ownership through KPIs and Performance Management
  • What Comes After?
    – How to eliminate problems through coaching
    – Sustaining problem elimination
    – How does innovation come into play?

Who should attend?

Managers, team leads and executives who have to solve problems and make decisions in their jobs.


Participants will be guided through the topic with a combination of brainstorming and discussions, experiential games, illustrations, videos, case-studies, role-play and scenario planning.


Ms Deborah Tan is a self-starter and continually upgrades herself. She is currently keeping her skills updated in the areas of Design Thinking and Digital Marketing, where she is now re-establishing her marketing databases and networking. She is a Marketeer by personality profiling, and her emphasis on Brand Advocacy in every job, makes her training unique with a strong emphasis on corporate Mission, Vision & Values.

Professionally, Deborah’s strength is in organisational transformation, and she has been assisting key stakeholders of organisations to identify real problems and their root-causes, before and during the programs, and bring proactive measures to support them at post-training stages.

Her strengths in infusing Innovation & Creativity into workplace competencies start and end simple, into topics such as Leadership, Team Mindset, Performance Management Systems and Problem-solving/Decision-making. Trainees greatly appreciate her warm and realistic engagement skills and her honest sharing of successes and failures alike. Due to her energetic and lively personality, her classroom normally comes alive with experiential activities, analogies, videos, and is abuzzed with discussions.

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