Writing in Response to Complaints & Feedback

In an age of mobile devices, ready internet access, and social media platforms, written communication has become faster and easier. Couple that with an increasingly entitled generation unafraid to voice their displeasure, and you will have an increasing number of public feedback.

How that is managed can become a public affairs nightmare or a stepping stone to a better spin to your organisation’s image. This one-day course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to successfully write business correspondences, particularly in reply to public concerns, ensuring clear and accurate communication.

The skills of effective business writing will be imparted. You will come to understand and appreciate the need to plan your writing, and use appropriate structure and logical argument in your documents, learn how to write with purpose and get the desired results from each piece of writing. Finally you will also learn how to develop a tone of voice that will portray a persona in keeping with the public image of your organisation.


Words from the Trainer: "Every time you engage a stakeholder, you are representing your organisation. When that encounter is in writing, the possibility for miscommunication multiplies. Add to that a robust social media and one false step in your written reply can live on in the virtual space in perpetuity. Learn how to manage your stakeholders in writing and turn a potential public affair nightmare into a positive spin on your company's image."

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand the process of communication
  • appreciate the writing process
  • know the Principles of Good Writing
  • develop a tone of voice in keeping with the organisation’s public image
  • vet other people’s written communication based on good writing techniques
  • explain and discuss the changes in other’s written work in a sensitive manner
Additional Details
Positive Comments

StatusStatus: -

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0031733
(for SDF/SFC applications)

Time9:00 am to 5:00pm
(7 hrs excluding lunch break)

Early bird    S$363.80
Normal        S$417.30
Members    S$321.00
* Fees are inclusive of 7% GST.

Early birdEarly bird:  27 Feb 2019

DateAvailable dates

20 March 2019
5 July 2019
22 October 2019

VenueLocation (subject to change)

School of Economics and Social Sciences, SMU or similar

yes, approvedSDF-Approved

yes, approvedSkillsFuture Credit Claimable

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