Effective Workplace Communication


Being able to communicate with all levels at work and effectively work with the people around you makes work easier to get through. So why not start today?

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0028017

“Work is easy, it is the people that is the problem!”. If this is how you feel in the workplace, an area to explore and improve is communication.

We know communication is important yet many a times work becomes challenging due to miscommunication, misunderstanding and vague communication with one another.

This is an excellent workshop for you if you are looking for simple and practical ways to improve your communication at the workplace.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand and appreciate the purpose and value of communication
  • identify 4 communication styles; strengths and weaknesses
  • communicate effectively with people of different communication styles
  • create the ‘zone’ for effective communication
  • use the appropriate communication tool in the workplace
  • manage a ‘gossip moment’ without getting into trouble
  • deal with difficult conversations confidently


  • Communication at work
    – What is effective communication?
    – Characteristics of good communication at the workplace
  • People and personalities
    – People are uniquely different
    – Understand your communication style and others’
    – Understand and recognise the strength and weaknesses of the different styles
    – Adapt communication style to strengthen work relationship
  • The science of communication
    – Recognise how words influence thoughts
    – Use the right word for the right occasion
    – Impact of non-verbal language on communication 
  • A structured conversation
    – Having a structured conversation framework
    – Practice, practice, practice
  • Discovering unconscious communication
    – Understand our communication filters
    – Develop probing question to make conscious the unconscious
  • Manage a challenging/ difficult conversation confidently
    – Identify the emotional state
    – Confirm the demonstrated negative behaviour
    – Move towards an objective solution

Who should attend?

Anyone who wants to communicate clearly at the workplace.


A behavioural self-assessment tool for each participant, short lectures, group discussions, role play, video and case studies.


Mr Isaac Selvaraj Peter is an experienced facilitator and trainer. His specialisation is in the area of people engagement that drives specific outcomes both in small and large groups. He has extensive experience with the public and private sectors in the area of Change Management and Learning and Development (L&D) where he consults, designs, develops and conducts learning workshops.

Prior to training and consulting, he has over 10 years of corporate experience ranging from manufacturing, charity organisation, entrepreneurship and training. His experience in the corporate world benefits his participants in all his training. In the area of training and development, he is an experienced teambuilder having designed and conducted training for group size of 10 to 400 participants. His teambuilding programmes are synonymous with words such as high energy, fun, impactful and insightful. Besides teambuilding, he has trained more than 1000 participants in service excellence. He has also conducted other soft skills training such as effective communication, dealing with challenging customers and effective presentation among others.

He has worked with public and private sector organisations such as Central Provident Fund (CPF), Vital.org, Singapore Police Force, Singapore Powers, OCBC, UBS, Standard Chartered, Shangri-la hotel, Bintan Lagoon Resort, Microsoft, HP, Roche, Caterpillar and many others. Academically, he is on his way to obtaining his MBA from the prestigious Murdoch University, Australia where he gained distinction in organisational behaviour and effective leadership. He is also a certified behavioural consultant.

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