Why public speaking opens a world of opportunities for you

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Many of us around the world have a common fear, which is speech anxiety or glass phobia. However, “public speaking” is one of the most important skills to have, especially in the working world.

Public speaking largely impacts your career path and your level of success depending on the industry you are in. Here are 3 reasons why public speaking matters in today’s world.

1. Build networks and connections

Be it any sharing session or annual speech event, the stage you are on is a platform for you to have the opportunity to be recognised. When we share our ideas with others, it gives us the opportunity to connect with similar types of people, establish an opportunity for partnership or collaboration and widen our circle of connection with others.

It is important to recognise that this is a perfect platform to form better engagement with our audience through our thoughts and long-term relationships that have been built, formally or informally.

Every connection is always a business opportunity.

2. Boost communication skills

When crafting a speech, it is important to plan your persuasive strategy, framework and dictions to communicate your message to the audience carefully. This type of thinking can help you to improve your communication skills not only for the workplace but also in other areas of your life.

Furthermore, in any situations such as personal relationships, social interactions or work situations, you are more likely than not, required to communicate ideas to others. Public speaking focuses on communicating ideas. You can learn to calmly take up an opposing view, present your ideas in an organised and coherent manner, and defend your views to others.

3. Gain confidence at the workplace

Public speaking can make a big change in one’s confidence. Overcoming the insecurities or fears with public speaking is an empowering move. Not only can it help you to connect better with your audience, it also develops a strong reminder about the valuable insights, values and messages you have to share with the world.

As nerve-wreaking as it can be, standing in front of a huge crowd, you need to know that these crowds will not disappear. This will also teach you how to manage your fears and turn your weaknesses into strength.

With the need to build connections for businesses, communication is very important in today’s world. Going out there and getting out of your comfort zone, such as consistently speaking to a large group or crowd, can help you to build up your confidence as well as improve your communication skills.

Source: Pan Communication


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