It is often said that “If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail!”.  While true, how can each employee plan and set goals for their job roles?  Many employees and supervisors struggled to set meaningful goal for the new year during the annual performance management exercise.  When goals and KPIs are not set appropriately, efforts will be wasted and morale affected when contributions are not recognised.

This webinar aims to share some essential ways to identify goals for employees to set at the workplace in preparation for the upcoming goal-setting season.


  1. Why goals and KPIs setting?
  2. Type of goals for different job nature
  3. How do we set meaningful goals that matter?
  4. How to set goals with highest chance of achievement
For Whom

Managers, executives, officers, engineers, project team leaders and supervisors who need to set goals for their team, themselves as well as guide their subordinates to set relevant goals.