Josey Koh

Ms Josey Koh is an ACTA certified, bilingual Trainer, an Enneagram Practitioner, and a Life Coach who has delivered more than 1,000 hours of workshops, trainings and talks to adults from all walks of life. She has conducted trainings via online and face-to-face and has received many positive feedback.

Her passion is to support more people who want to have clarity in their life. Her participants have enjoyed all her trainings as they are fun, interactive, lively and engaging in nature. This keeps her going and driven to reach out to more learners. 

Her expertise on soft skills training includes communication skills, presentation skills, customer service, facilitation skills, interview skills, resume writing, effective time management, public speaking, etc. From her corporate days, she had gained vast years of experience in customer service, front desk, administrative support, etc.  Josey has always shared with her learners on her days as an administrator on how she coped and managed when her plate was full while supporting the managers, engineers and directors.  

Some of her clients include the National Healthcare Group (NHGP), Nagase Singapore (Pte) Ltd, IBM Singapore Pte Ltd, Central Provident Fund Board, ISO-Team Corporation Pte Ltd, Ministry of Education, Singapore Land Authority and more.

The testimonials Josey has received have always been very positive. She has made her workshops so lively that the participants have enjoyed her facilitation very much, as she always shares many true life story with the participants.

As told by our participants...

Corner of ASPIRE-ation

I resonate most with SERVICE TO OTHERS.

As an EON Trainer, we need to be at service to others, to attend to our client’s needs.  We share our experiences and aim to empower our participants that nothing is impossible; “I AM POSSIBLE”! Our training is about facilitating, sharing our stories and imparting our knowledge to them.


Our learners will learn through role play, share about their thoughts and listen to one another.