EON Leadership 4.0 Series

Much has been written about Industry 4.0. In essence, Industry 4.0 is characterised by the trend towards automation and data exchange in increasingly interconnected technologies and processes. It allows cyber-physical systems to communicate and cooperate with each other and with humans in real-time across the entire value chain, leading to the rise of smart operations and innovative solutions. This also results in an unprecedented pace of change, driven by the rate of technological development, which transforms the nature of work and the workplace accompanying this trend.

An important question to think about is this - What does it take for a leader to lead and excel through such times?

We believe that for this to happen, a leader must possess three important leadership pillars (which we termed as EON Leadership 4.0) – (1) Leading with his/her Head, (2) Leading with his/her Heart & (3) Leading with his/her Hands, in order to be holistic and effective in rallying, inspiring and engaging his or her people to think of appropriate and sustainable actions to capitalise on the opportunities and to mitigate the challenges of the dynamic operating environment, while steadily directing his or her team towards the desired future state and vision.

The rate of change in Industry 4.0 is astonishing.  Over the past decade, 70% of companies on the Fortune 1000 list have vanished due to their inability to adapt and remain relevant to their markets as compared to their peers and the new disruptive entrants.

Therefore, to excel in such exceptional times, a leader must remain focused on business fundamentals which are unchanging and of upmost priority while being attuned and “sensitive” to the evolving trends, opportunities and threats relating to the market and industry, so that he or she may acquire discerning insights of the future operating environment.

Consequently, he or she will be able to establish with clarity, the “game plan” and convince team members on why it is necessary to follow the plan. At the same time, he or she is able to make tactical decisions to respond and adapt quickly to accommodate to the short-term demands of the external environment.

The massive scale and amount of effort required of transformation accompanying Industry 4.0 can be quite daunting for the staff members going through the change. The staff may experience all sorts of emotions and sentiments, ranging from being overwhelmed, demoralised, losing focused, feeling lost, or even feeling paralysed amidst conflicting priorities between current operational and transformational demands.

A leader must be able to engage his or her team through active listening, empathise with members, energise and inspire them, as well as proactively looks for ways to empower and grow the capability and capacity of the team.

In order for the organisational transformation effort for Industry 4.0 to be well-executed, the leader will need to have the ability to manage complex projects, from facilitating of the planning process to delegation of work to competent and capable individuals.

He or she may from time-to-time need to be personally involved in showing the way and guiding his or her team members on how things should be done. There might also be a need to work together with the team to “drill down” to the details in problem-solving or provide the tactical tools, training or resources that will equip the team to function optimally.

EON Leadership 4.0 Series consists of 3 modules, designed to equip aspiring and existing leaders and managers with the skills and knowledge to establish a clear department direction and plan to drive the team towards, inculcate an enabling department culture for team leaders to lead effortlessly, as well as to facilitate engagement and management of staff on a regular and continuous basis for the achievement of results.

Module 1

Department Strategy Development and Driving Team Results for Managers

Establishing an Effective Team Direction & Plan to Lead

Module 2

Capability Development and Coaching For Managers

Creating an Enabling Culture to Lead

Module 3

Conducting Performance Appraisal Discussion Successfully

Facilitating Effective Staff Engagement & Performance

The 3 modules are aligned to core and elective units leading to a full WSQ Leadership & People Management (LPM) qualification in WSQ Professional Diploma in Leadership & People Management.

Target Participants

Aspiring Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs) who want to prepare themselves to lead in the new era of Industry 4.0

How will you benefit?

At the end of the 6-day programme, participants will be able to:

  • Establish department strategies and operational plans
  • Provide clear direction and guidance to their teams to drive achievement of team results
  • Identify critical skills that are needed for their team to succeed
  • Deploy coaching and other learning methodologies applicable at the workplace to build up capabilities of the team
  • Adopt a regular and continuous approach to engage and manage staff performance


Blended learning, consisting of:

  • E-learning
  • Mini-lectures
  • Videos
  • Group exercises, sharing and discussions
  • Case studies
  • Self-reading and reflection

Total Duration of Programme

  • 6 days (84 hours) of facilitated face-to-face workshop
  • 9 hours of e-learning
  • 5 hours 45min of assessment