Quality of a Good Trainer

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Every trainer is unique in their background, characters and style of training. However, there are also common traits that successful trainers often display. Below are 4 qualities that a good trainer should have:


As communication is an essential part of a trainer’s job, successful trainers truly love communicating.

With their outstanding communication skills, they are able to:

  • Break down complicated concepts and explain them clearly to trainees
  • Communicate information clearly and concisely
  • Practice active listening
  • Know when and how to ask questions
  • Pick up non-verbal communication
  • Create a comfortable and friendly environment which engages trainees to ask questions


Trainees often have a set of expectations and do not look forward to “just another training”. A good trainer can conduct meaningful training sessions through:

  • Selecting a suitable teaching method to get trainees excited about learning
  • Customising the course materials and delivery format to make the course more interesting and relevant for the trainees
  • Allowing, encouraging and motivating trainees to apply the practices taught
  • Incorporating practice segment and case studies into the training


Adult learners demand practical and applicable training to support their jobs back at the workplace. It is easy for them to recognise if the trainer is reading off the slides or speaking from his experience.

Therefore, a good trainer will keep abreast of current industry trends and practices and incorporate these elements into their classes. Good industry knowledge helps trainers to enhance workshop effectiveness and conveying useful knowledge to trainees with confidence and engagement.


Trainers who appreciate the value of life-long learning invest time and effort in personal and professional development.

By continuously learning, a trainer can explore different ways of learning styles, learn effective methods to engage trainees and provide the latest insights and best practices. Their passion for continuous learning can be reflected in the quality of training they provide. They can also be a role model for the trainees and inspire them to pursue life-long learning.

Trainers are exposed to different challenges in every new project they take up. They gain experience in the complex, rapidly changing field of training which in turn, enhances their professional skills.

The aforementioned list of qualities serves as a good reference when deciding to enrol in a training programme, may it be for yourself or your organisation. These are also good reference points if you are looking to become a good trainer yourself!


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