Leading and Managing Change

Change is where growth and innovation are rooted at. Learn how a simple change of mindset and clear communication can push an organisation further.

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0048801

John P. Kotter mentioned in his book, “Leading Change” (HBR 2012), that the mistakes smart people make when they are trying to make high-stake changes at workplace over the years, have not really shifted.

While they have learnt much from these over the years, it has been observed by him that “challenges have been growing as fast, or faster, than their skills”. This can be seen as “scary” but to the lifelong learner, change is inevitably where growth and innovation are rooted at.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • know that Change is a matter of urgency
  • align Change to organisation’s mission, vision and values
  • understand the sustaining need for change
  • recognise if Change is suited for the long-term, or if short-term gains are acceptable
  • ensure Change as a culture and endearing mindset


  • Mission, Vision and Core Values
    – How and where do these 3 imply the urgency of Change?
  • Change and the role it plays
    – When was the last change effort and what became of it?
    – Sustaining “Good” and striving for “Excellent”
    – Reviewing the purpose of Change
    – Is Change a routine, and Transformation a radical move?
  • Employees and Change
    – Are employees empowered for Change?
    – Past and present factors hindering Change: are they always people-related?
    – Difference between “making a change” and “Re-engineering”
    – Is readiness for Change a cultural thing?
  • The Implementation of Change
    – Effort of small and large companies in Change and Transformation
    – Change ETHOS: what are the key principles to embrace?
    – Linking Change with resilience, innovative mindset, risk-bearing and sustaining lifelong learning
    – Communicating Change – simply, sincerely and safely

Who should attend?

Managers and team leads who would like to learn how to help employees and the organisation to transition through change.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of lectures, brainstorming sessions, discussions, experiential games, videos, case studies, role-plays and scenario planning.


Ms Deborah Tan is a self-starter and continually upgrades herself. She is currently keeping her skills updated in the areas of Design Thinking and Digital Marketing, where she is now re-establishing her marketing databases and networking. She is a Marketeer by personality profiling, and her emphasis on Brand Advocacy in every job, makes her training unique with a strong emphasis on corporate Mission, Vision & Values.

Professionally, Deborah’s strength is in organisational transformation, and she has been assisting key stakeholders of organisations to identify real problems and their root-causes, before and during the programs, and bring proactive measures to support them at post-training stages.

Her strengths in infusing Innovation & Creativity into workplace competencies start and end simple, into topics such as Leadership, Team Mindset, Performance Management Systems and Problem-solving/Decision-making. Trainees greatly appreciate her warm and realistic engagement skills and her honest sharing of successes and failures alike. Due to her energetic and lively personality, her classroom normally comes alive with experiential activities, analogies, videos, and is abuzzed with discussions.

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