Koh Thong Joo

Mr Koh Thong Joo is a business practitioner with more than 20 years of industry experience working in MNC (Multi-National Corporation); Statutory Board; SME (Small & Medium Enterprises) and Public Listed Company. During his career, he has spearheaded various portfolios including sales & marketing; business development; strategic planning and management consultancy.

Thong Joo holds certification in Master of Science (I/O Psychology & HR Management) by City University of New York; Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA); Certificate of Business Chinese; Certified Practitioner Of Neuro-Linguisitic Programming® (NLP); Certification as a Human Behavior Analyst (DISC Profiling); the Silva Method; and Business Coaching.

As a professional trainer, he believes that objective of training is to “Build Success Mindset and Behaviours To Achieve Business Excellence”. To be effective, the training must be interesting, structured and practical for the participants. “Engaging the 3H (Head, Heart, Hand) of the participants are the three important pillars of effective training: practical explanation of the concepts; emotional engagement of participants and learning through experiential activities.

With his many years of industry experience, he is able to articulate the key points, illustrate important concepts and make the training interesting through sharing of his real life experience with the trainees. Through experiential learning, group discussions, role-plays, self-reflections and actual work application, trainees will be able to gain in-depth understanding of the training subject matter.

He specialises in providing training in the area of sales; managerial and leadership skills; applied psychology; presentation skills; creative problem solving and service excellence. He has conducted numerous training in Singapore, Malaysia and China.

As told by our participants...

Corner of ASPIRE-ation


I am passionate in inspiring you to reach your full potential. When you open up to your true self and tap on your inner energy, you will be able to elevate yourself to the next level of success! Don’t hesitate! Take massive actions to achieve your dreams!