Joan Heng

Ms Joan Heng has accumulated significant talent and leadership development experience through her senior HR leadership roles in various organisations.

She has successfully developed strategies, programs and frameworks to drive talent development and succession planning – building different levels of leadership pipeline, from assessing the potential and readiness of the High-Potentials, to identifying the skills and knowledge; strengths and gaps for development. She has also collaborated with global and regional partners to launch learning programs through regional learning community and market learning champions.

As a change agent responsible in engaging the employees and fostering the environment needed for the business’ strategic direction, Joan has directed organisational development and changes within South East Asia and Asia Pacific regions.

Joan is also an experienced corporate trainer and has passion in delivery and engagement of learners. As an ICF credentialed Associate Certified Coach, she also coaches leaders using the transformative coaching model to make good leaders great.

As told by our participants...

Corner of ASPIRE-ation

I resonate most with INSPIRATIONAL.

I often share my experience and provoke discussion during my training to inspire my learners to be resilient. I aspire to drive thought leadership in my learners and people around me to get them to critically think about issues.