Effective Accounts Receivable Management

Outstanding payments happen all the time. Learn to manage your accounts receivables with confidence and tackle bad debts like a pro!

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0028039

"The training imparts the necessary skills for a more effective accounts receivable management system, in particular, the collection of overdue debts from customers. Situational analysis with numerous practical examples is done through the sharing of my years of working experience."

Mr Raymond Ang, Trainer

A credit sale does not contribute to profitability until the receivable is collected. More often than not, customers delay payments way past the due dates. The unenviable task of debt collection is normally the responsibility of the accounting and finance department. But are you adequately trained and confident enough in receivable management?

This intensive course prepares you in developing a practical approach to accounts receivable management and builds your confidence in the process.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • avoid bad debts by adopting prudent credit procedures during pre-Credit Sales
  • manage outstanding receivable in post-Credit Sales
  • build confidence in handling difficult customers
  • improve on the collection of overdue accounts


  • Understanding the need for credit sales
  • The need for a credit policy
  • Credit intelligence procedures
  • What fundamental information do financial statements show?
  • Extracting more information from financial statements for credit decision making
  • Controlling the accounts receivable portfolio
  • Why are collections slow?
  • Dealing with excuses for non-payment of overdue accounts
  • Knowing the red-flags of potentially problematic accounts
  • Collection techniques for difficult accounts

Who should attend?

This course is specially designed for anyone involved in the credit approval, accounts receivable management and overdue debt collection processes. In particular, this course is suitable for credit managers, accounts and finance manager, accounting and finance supervisors, credit assistants, accounts and finance assistants who wish to improve their skills in accounts receivable management and debt collection.


Participants will be guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of short lectures, group discussions, worksheet calculations and case studies.


Mr Raymond Ang has had over 35 years of working and training experience in the areas of accounting, finance and statistics. In the area of training, Raymond has conducted public seminars on Credit Management in both Singapore and Malaysia. He also gives lectures on accounting, corporate finance and statistics for universities and educational institutions at the post-graduate, undergraduate and diploma levels.

Raymond holds a Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Singapore, as well as a Master of Applied Finance degree from Macquarie University, Sydney. He enjoys training and sharing his working experience with others, using simple daily analogies to make complex concepts easy to understand.

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