Successful Web Writing

97% of people research products and services online before making a decision. This means that your virtual presence, particularly your website, is the most important platform to inform and persuade your customers. In the same way, advertisements are no longer trusted. Instead, content on websites, blogs and reviews are preferred. In this Age of Information, web writing is of utmost importance.

Yet, writing well for the Internet audience is not easy. Tips on web writing are aplenty. A simple Google search will bear this out. But even if you read every article available, you may still be none the wiser because learning to write better involves more than just being told what to do. You need to be shown how to do it and coached to improve as everyone’s writing challenge is different.


After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • understand how writing for the web is different from other forms of business writing
  • know the needs of the Internet audience and tailor the information to them
  • develop a virtual persona that draws readers
  • translate policies and official announcements into information that the general public can understand
  • know the different ways information can be conveyed on the web
  • present information to maximise SEO
  • structure writing for clarity
  • write for clear, effective, and acceptable communication
  • link paragraphs well to aid understanding
  • review and revise writing
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StatusStatus: -

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0043300
(for SDF/SFC applications)

Time9:00 am to 5:00pm
(7 hrs excluding lunch break)

Early bird    S$395.90
Normal        S$449.40
Members    S$353.10
* Fees are inclusive of 7% GST.

Early birdEarly bird:  12 Feb 2019

DateAvailable dates

5 March 2019

VenueLocation (subject to change)

Royal Plaza on Scotts or similar

yes, approvedSDF-Approved

yes, approvedSkillsFuture Credit Claimable

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