Types of Certificates

  1. Certificate of Attendance
    Certificate that you receive after every course attended.
  2. Practitioner's Certificate
    Awarded to participants who have completed the necessary modules of the respective Practitioner's Certificate programme.

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In Summary

  Certificate of
 Consists of 1 EON Course 3 EON Courses
 Requirements At least 75% attendance Successfully complete all 3 courses


Certificate of Attendance

The Certificate of Attendance is awarded to participants who have achieved at least 75% attendance for an EON course. This certificate is the most baseline certification to recognise that the participant has completed the course.

Practitioner's Certificate

EON has designed a series of programmes, known as the "EON Practitioner's Certificate Programmes", which are aimed at supporting the professional development of professionals, managers and executives (PMEs).  The programmes will equip them with the latest knowledge, skills, tools and industry best-practices and enable them to acquire and attain specific area of expertise that will value-add to their individual career advancement.

The EON Practitioner's Certificate Programmes are:

  • Practitioner's Certificate in Performance-based HR Strategy Development
  • Practitioner's Certificate in High Performance Team Development
  • Practitioner's Certificate in Business Writing

Each Practitioner's Certificate Programme consists of 3 individual EON courses, for example, Practitioner's Certificate in Performance-based HR Strategy Development comprises the following:

  • Setting KPIs and Goals for Effective Job Performance
  • Setting Up a Performance Management and Appraisal System
  • Setting Up a Salary Structure for Equitable Compensation Management

Successful participants who manage to complete the programme requirement will be awarded:

  • Practitioner's Certificate of Proficiency in "area of expertise"

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