Practitioner's Certificate in Performance-based HR Strategy Development

Performance-based HR Strategy DevelopmentFrom goal setting to compensation, performance management makes up a significant part of HR management and addresses the sensitive areas of how well an employee performs at work and how they are rewarded in turn.

This certificate consists of 3 modules.  It is aimed for managers, executives, HR business partners and leaders who need to develop strategies and systems that align business goals / KPIs with employee performance appraisal and compensation systems.

This is a solution-focused programme that emphasises on how to develop effective processes and supporting tools for implementation.

Objectives of the Practitioner's Certificate

The Practitioner's certificate aims to help professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) to update on knowledge and skills; and develop in a specific area of expertise that will value-add to individual career advancement.

How will you benefit:

  • Appreciate the strategic planning process
  • Identify relevant and important KPIs, write clear and SMART goals and lead your staff to achieve these goals
  • Determine the method and process of performance appraisal that are suitable for the organisation
  • Apply techniques of defining job values and setting up a salary structure
  • Design the process to establish an effective link with the pay system

Who Should Attend:

Managers, executives, officers, engineers, project team leaders, HR business partners and leaders who need to develop strategies and systems that align business goals / KPIs with employee performance appraisal and compensation systems.


  • Mini-lectures
  • Self-reading
  • Case Studies
  • Group discussions

Administrative Details

Total duration of the certificate: 28 hours

  • Module 1: 7 hours
  • Module 2: 7 hours
  • Module 3: 14 hours

SDF- Approved: Yes

Programme Fees: S$1,241.20 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Learning Support: Every learner will receive a Learner’s Guidebook



Learners will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ upon completing each designated module.

The Practitioner's Certificate in Performance-based HR Strategy Development can be obtained by completing ALL 3 modules under this certificate programme.

To learn more about the types of certificates that EON awards to participants, please click here.


PHSD Modules

Module 1: Setting KPIs & Goals for Effective Job Performance

  • Performance Management
    - The performance management cycle
    - Types of goal
  • Achievement Goals
    - Vision, mission and strategic areas
    - Strategic planning process
    - Level of key performance indicators (KPI)
    - Parts of KPIs
    - Linking department objectives to corporate KPIs
    - Setting quantifiable baseline, stretched, transformational targets
    - Demonstration of a systematic planning process
  • Accountability Goals
    - Reviewing key outcomes of a job
    - SMART goal criteria
    - Level of outcome
  • Managing Towards Goal Achievement
    - Clarity in goal setting
    - Acknowledging progress
    - Redirecting behavioural issues

Dates available:

  • 9 September 2017
  • 1 December 2017

Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts or similar

Module 2: Setting Up a Performance Management and Appraisal System

  • The Performance Management Cycle
    - the roles of the manager

    - the roles of the employee
    - the outcome of the performance management cycle
  • Designing Performance Appraisal Elements
    - goal setting

    - performance factors
    - training and development
  • Designing the Rating Scale
    - goal section rating

    - performance factor rating
    - weighted scale
    - overall rating
  • Linking Performance and Pay
    - methods to maintain credibility of system

    - avoiding leniency, strictness and inconsistencies
    - using the bell curve correctly
    - forced ranking
  • Performance Improvement
    - developing the individual development plan

Dates available:

  • 20 October 2017

Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts or similar

Module 3: Setting Up a Salary Structure for Equitable Compensation Management

  • Foundational framework of Total Rewards Management and the place of Base Pay and Salary Structures
    - Total Rewards Framework
    - Importance of Base Pay
    - Importance of Salary Structures
    - Relationship between base pay and variable pay
  • Pre-requisites for setting up competitive salary structures:
    - Purpose of Job Analysis and documentation

    - Purpose of Job Evaluation
  • Strategic Pay Model and its options
    - Internal equity / alignment

    - External competitiveness
    - Recognition of contributions
    - Efficiency and administration
    - Company policies affecting salary structures
  • Definition of Salary Structure and the implications
  • Guiding principles of Salary Structures
  • Steps of developing salary structures and required information
  • Job Analysis and Job Evaluation and their implications for salary structures
    - The definition of a Job

    - Checklist for effective Job Description
    - The steps of Job Analysis
    - Self-design Job Evaluation method
  • Design your own Job Evaluation Framework
    - Policies

    - Criteria for compensable factors
    - Other organisational factors
  • Market Pricing and Salary Survey
    - Benchmark Jobs
    - Decision factors in collecting Market data
    - Know the market and the valid data
    - Data sources and surveys
    - Misconceptions about data sources
  • Practical Exercise
    - Developing salary structures for your company

Dates available:

  • 9 & 10 November 2017

Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts or similar

About the Trainer

Modules 1 & 2:

Mr William Thien is a certified Practicing Management Consultant (PMC), Certified Productivity Consultant (CPC), Associate Consultant with the Singapore Productivity Centre (SPC), and a member of the Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC), Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore), as well as the Singapore Productivity Association (SPA). William holds a degree in Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as well as a Bachelor of Science (Econs) (Hons) in Management Studies, from the University of London. Professionally, he holds a Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management from the Singapore Institute of Management and has also completed the Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from the Institute of Adult Learning.

Other than his professional work, William has been the inaugural Chairman of the Special Interest Group (Coaching and Mentoring) at Adults Education Network, an arm of the Institute of Adults Learning. He is also a member of the HR Committee at St Luke’s Hospital. William has worked in the shipbuilding, engineering and construction as well as the hotel industries. During this period of work, he carried a wide variety of portfolios, including recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits, performance management, employee industrial relations and training & development.

William is the key contributor for 'The Hands On Guide - Human Resource Manager, Singapore', 'HR Letters, Forms and Policies, Singapore’ and co-author of the Singapore chapter of ‘Employment Law Asia’ published by CCH Asia Pte Ltd. He has also been an editorial advisor of the publication People Strategies.

Modules 3:

Mr Viktor Kow has more than 38 years of experience in senior management functions, human resource management, training & development, management & leadership development, employee relations information technology management and management consultancy in both the public and private sectors in the Asia Pacific region. He has conducted numerous management training courses and carried various management consultancy work in the Asia-Pacific region in both English and Chinese.

Some of his recent clients include trainees from Ministry of Manpower, Ministry of Defence, Changi General Hospital, National Healthcare Group, National Healthcare Group Polyclinics, National University of Singapore, Lee Kwan Yew School of Public Policy, Singapore Turf Club, Civil Service College and Ong Teng Cheong Institute of Labour Leadership.

Viktor is currently designing and conducting training workshops in major areas of management & leadership, human resource management, problem solving and decision making skills and personality profiling and advice. He is also lecturing on subjects in Human Capital Management, Strategic HR Information Management and Strategic Training Needs Identification and Organisational Behaviours.

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