Practitioner's Certificate in Business Writing

Business Writing

Writing professionally in the business context can make a huge difference to the impression you give to your intended audience with regards to the professional image you exude of yourself and your organisation.

This certificate consists of 3 modules. It is aimed for managers, executives, and non-executive staff who need to write letters, memorandum and e-mails in their daily work to colleagues and customers alike.

This is a solution-focused programme that emphasises on how to apply useful and effective writing techniques to develop reader-centric messages that address the concerns of readers and convey meaning accurately.

Objectives of the Practitioner's Certificate

The Practitioner's certificate aims to help professionals, managers and executives (PMEs) to update on knowledge and skills; and develop in a specific area of expertise that will value-add to individual career advancement.

How will you benefit:

  • Use precise vocabulary to convey the intended meaning
  • Avoid common English errors to polish your business writing
  • Write in a professional way to convey meaning accurately
  • Format writing for different business correspondences
  • Understand and manage the expectations of readers to write effectively
  • Address specific concerns of readers with reader-centric messages

Who Should Attend:

Managers, executives, and non-executive staff who need to write letters, memorandum and e-mails in their daily work to colleagues and customers alike.


  • Mini-lectures
  • Self-reading
  • Case Studies
  • Group discussions

Administrative Details

Total duration of the certificate: 28 hours

  • Module 1: 7 hours
  • Module 2: 14 hours
  • Module 3: 7 hours


SDF- Approved: Yes

Programme Fees: S$1,164.16 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

Learning Support: Every learner will receive a Learner’s Guidebook



Learners will be awarded a ‘Certificate of Attendance’ upon completing each designated module.

To learn more about the types of certificates that EON awards to participants, please click here.

BW Modules

Module 1: Grammar for Business Writing

  • The Structure of English
    - words

    - phrases
    - clauses
    - sentences
  • Noun countability
    - paper or papers

    - food or foods
  • Tenses
    - I have replied to the email or I had replied to the email
  • Transitivity
    - I look forward to hear or I look forward to hearing
  • Verb Mood
    - If I am you, I will tell him or If I were you, I would tell him
  • Subject and Verb Agreement
    - None of the documents is or None of the documents are
  • Preposition
    - I am on the bus or I am in the bus
  • Correct sentence structures
  • Punctuation
  • Commonly Confused and Misused Words
    - revert or reply
    - kindly
    or please
    - subject to
    or subjected to

Dates available:

  • 26 Feb 2019
  • 24 May 2019
  • 16 Aug 2019
  • 26 Nov 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts or similar

Module 2: Essential Writing Skills for the Workplace

  • The writing process
    - The four steps

    - Removing writer’s block
  • Using the reader-centric approach
    - Purpose

    - Readers and context
    - Format
  • Organising contents and building coherence
  • Editing for the right tone
    - Sentence foundation: phrase, clause and sentence

    - Concise messages
    - Parallel structures
    - Active and passive voice
    - Archaic words, jargon and short forms
    - Word choice
  • Proofreading for correct grammar
    - Nouns and pronouns

    - Tenses and modal verbs
    - Subject-verb agreement
    - Adjectives and modifiers
    - Spelling
    - Punctuation

Dates available:

  • 19 & 20 Feb 2019
  • 28 & 29 May 2019
  • 1 & 2 Aug 2019
  • 7 & 8 Nov 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: School of Economics and Social Sciences (SMU) or similar

Module 3: Result-Oriented Writing

  • Using a Reader-centric Approach
    - clarify purpose for writing

    - know your readers and their concerns
  • Writing in Positive Situation: Good News, Information and Requests
    - manage reader expectations

    - build goodwill
    - make the most of good news to drive specific outcomes
  • Writing in Negative Situations: Bad News and Complaints
    - understand situation clearly

    - show readers that you understand their needs
    - empathise with the reader
    - apologise if necessary
    - turn negatives into positives
    - minimise conflicts
    - position conclusions and recommendations strategically
  • Editing and Proofreading Message
    - use the right words and tone

    - organise and transition ideas effectively
  • Avoid Common Grammar Traps

Dates available:

  • 1 Mar 2019
  • 14 Jun 2019
  • 10 Sep 2019
  • 6 Dec 2019

Time: 9am - 5pm
Venue: Royal Plaza on Scotts or similar

About the Trainers

Module 1:

Ms Florence Au has been training adult learners in business communication for about 27 years. Her initial training stint in the private sector saw her teaching secretaries and administrative staff in the writing of letters, memos, reports, press releases and minutes of meetings for examination courses. With this experience and that accumulated from her job as an administrator and later a training manager, she went on to train public officers.  She has since been training at the Civil Service College (CSC) for more than 12 years. At CSC, Florence conducts public-run written communication courses in the Write programme, which includes grammar, emails, letters, reports and minutes of meetings. Besides these, she also develops and trains customised programmes for the Singapore Police Force, Ministry of Education, Health Promotion Board, Singapore Land Authority, Building Construction Authority and People’s Association. In addition, she has re-written three courses for IPAM – Writing Reports and Proposals, Writing Minutes of Meetings and Writing Effectively - The Quality Service Approach.

Florence holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and Literature, a Diploma in Translation and Interpretation and professional qualifications from the UK in writing minutes of meetings and shorthand.

Modules 2 & 3:

Ms Audrey Lai has several years of working experience in the public and private sectors: corporate training, education, accounting, project management and banking. She brings with her a wealth of experience working with diverse groups of people, and in different environments and work cultures. For the past 15 years, she has been a corporate trainer, specialising in business communication and English language training. She has designed and delivered business communication courses to corporate executives from different levels. These courses range from business correspondences (emails, letters and minutes), grammar for business English, proofreading and editing to dictionary skills for speaking and writing. As a believer of life-long learning, she has in-depth understanding of adult learning issues and is always ready to encourage participants to adopt an open and a learning attitude. She enjoys working with participants from diverse professions and facilitating group participation to enhance their business English skills. She brings learning to life, and many have benefited from her subject knowledge, interactive approaches, hands-on tasks and practical examples in the programmes she conducts.

She holds a Master of Education (English Language) from the Nanyang Technological University, a Bachelor of Arts and a Diploma in Management Studies. She also has a Certificate in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) and an Advanced Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA).

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