Going Beyond Fundamental Supervisory Skills

Now that you have the basics mastered, what’s next for you? Explore what it takes to advance further in your development as a supervisor.

Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0048542

When faced with having to deal with an economic crisis, we are all familiar with how failure of leadership looks like. With the volatility of what’s considered “normal” these days, it is crucial for leaders to develop critical thinking skills to help them navigate such a volatile environment. It is also required for adopting a structure-thinking approach to successful negotiation.

This course develops your understanding of critical thinking and negotiation skills as a supervisor, helps you to better understand the experiences and views of others as you lead your team and enhances your ability to negotiate in order to achieve business success.

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • improve your critical thinking skills to solve problems easily and make more reliable decisions as a supervisor
  • develop more effective negotiation skills with the use of critical thinking


  • Thinking for a Change
    – Workplace Thinking Styles
    – Understanding Your Thinking Style
  • Thinking at the Workplace
    – Importance of Critical Thinking
    – Barriers to Critical Thinking
    – Keys to Critical Thinking – Think RED
  • Negotiation
    – Think Like a Negotiator
    – Communication TIPS for Effective Negotiation
    – Stages of Negotiation
    – Determine BATNA
    – Effect of Emotion on Negotiation

Who should attend?

Team leaders or supervisors aspiring to increase personal effectiveness in critical thinking and negotiation skills.


Participants are guided through practical steps of the topic with a combination of mini-lectures, small group discussions, presentations, workplace activities and video-clips. Participants are expected to contribute actively to achieve maximum learning impact.


Ms Susan Lim has 20 years of teaching and training experience in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Myanmar, and aspires to make a difference in the lives of both the youths and adults. She believes in living above the line to create personal power and is future-oriented. She inspires connections between personal and professional goals, and committed to empower people to exceed their personal best.

Susan’s academic credential includes a Master of Education from the University of Melbourne, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE) and Bachelor of Science from the National University of Singapore. She is also a DISC Certified Human Behaviour Consultant in Human Behaviour Science, an ACTA Certified Trainer and Assessor, and Workplace Big Five Profile Certified Consultant.

Her extended training experience has inspired countless youth, teachers and adults. In 2012, she was awarded the Outstanding Teacher Mentor and Outstanding Contribution Award for Teaching and Learning, Professional Development in Swiss Cottage Secondary School. In 2014, she pioneered teacher training for a Singapore institution in Yangon and still works closely with them to deliver customised learning solutions for corporate clients. Her love and enthusiasm for learning is limitless and impacting lives beyond Singapore.

Essential Information

Available Dates

  • 8 January 2020 (EB: 18/12/2019)
  • 9 June 2020 (EB: 19/5/2020)
  • 1 September 2020 (EB: 11/8/2020)
  • 1 December 2020 (EB: 10/11/2020)


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