Andy Chong

Mr Andy Chong has built a successful career in People Leadership and Team Development with extensive experience in coaching teams and individuals to drive compelling business outcomes, thus he is uniquely positioned to coach leaders, teams and organisations to unleash their fullest potential.

In the past 10 years, he has worked with a diverse range of organisations from MNCs to small and large family businesses, government agencies and NGOs, bringing together teams and strengthening the interpersonal relationships that exist within business environments for the purpose of enhancing team performance and employee engagement.

Earlier on in his career, Andy spent 10 years leading multinational, culturally diverse Customer Support Teams for Fortune 500 companies like Microsoft, HP, Research in Motion (Blackberry), Singtel, Reuters, and Fujitsu; capping his corporate career with the Fujitsu President’s Award for Outstanding Achievement.

Andy is also an accredited IBM Enterprise Design Thinking instructor, LEGO Serious Play facilitator, Agile facilitator and Game Thinking coach.

His area of expertise is in Team Development, Human-Centered Leadership, Supervisory & Managerial Skills, Conflict Management, Critical Problem-Solving skills, Creativity & Innovation; Design Thinking, Systems Thinking, and Gamification.

Corner of ASPIRE-ation

I resonate most with ADVENTURE.

I have always been one to take the road less traveled, to chart my own course and live my life to the fullest. This sense of adventure has led me to explore and try out new experiences like starting my own business and taking on roles that were out of my comfort zone, and in the course of this journey, I have grown personally and spiritually.