85% of Employees in Singapore are Engaged: Survey

Research done by human capital firm EON Consulting & Training found that the top 3 engagement areas are pertaining to belief in the organisation and its culture, job characteristics, as well as, organisational support and leadership.

SINGAPORE, 3 March 2016 – A survey by human capital firm EON Consulting & Training (EON) revealed that more than 8 in 10 employees in Singapore are engaged at work in 2015.

According to the employee engagement survey, Singapore companies are doing well in engaging the local core workforce through the inculcation of strong corporate culture and belief in their organisation, establishment of meaningful and challenging jobs, and provision of organisational support and leadership among other dimensions.

In particular, management’s concern for employees’ well-being was found to have a strong correlation value to employees’ overall engagement level.

Mr William Thien, lead consultant of EON Consulting & Training said: “'Heartware' is what really makes employees engaged and motivated to perform. It is a cost-free method to keep employees engaged amidst the challenging economic situation ahead.”


On engaging a multigenerational workforce

The survey also found that current engagement level by age varied by 16%, with employees from the Baby Boomers generation being the most engaged and themillennial employees being the least engaged group of employees.

“The workforce dynamics is ever-changing; we are entering an era where we can have 5 different generations working together, and all of them have different needs, aspirations and expectations”, said Mr Thien. “Employers need a more inclusive and comprehensive engagement strategy when it comes to managing a multigenerational workforce.”

EON’s report is based on the survey findings of 400 employees in Singapore, over a three-month period from October 2015 to December 2015. Respondents gave score ratings to questions that corresponded to various dimensions of employee engagement.

The infographic, as pictured below, highlight other key findings.
The full report can be found on www.eonconsulting.com.sg.


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