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Every once in a while, EON Consulting & Training Pte Ltd releases press materials and opinion letters to the media in order to share with you views and expert opinions on Human Resource related matters.

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Press Release

Keep yourself up to date with the latest press releases by EON regarding the hottest HR trends. We are dedicated to sharing with the world our findings and knowledge on the topics that matter most about human capital concerns.


Aside from Press Releases, EON has also been featured in or have contributed to the following articles, newsletters and interviews:

January 2019 – A Learning and Performance Organisation
Source: Entrepreneurs Digest Jan-Feb 2019 Issue

20 January 2019 – A Framework for Designing Learning at the Workplace
Source: AE Connect (Issue 20)

November 2018 – Enhancing Workplace Learning and Performance by Adopting Skills Framework (Paper)

November 2018 –What do staff want from their leaders?
Source: ASSETS Newsletter (Nov publication)

16 March 2016 – The Productivity of Learning at Work.
Source: What the Experts Say, Learning @ Work, Institute for Adult Learning

4 March 2016 – Revealed: Singapore’s Most Engaged Workforces.
Source: HRD Singapore

3 March 2016 – Baby Boomer Generation More Engaged at Work than Millennials in Singapore.
Source: AsiaOne

17 December 2015 – 企业顾问急速增长 素质却良莠不齐
Source: Lianhe Zaobao

October – November 2015 – Discovering the Gold Mine in Mature PMEs.
Source: PMCONNECT Newsletter. Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council

14 October 2015 – Discovering the Gold Mine in Mature PMEs.
Source: Today Online

9 February 2015 – The Industries with the Most Engaged Employees in Singapore.
Source: Human Resources Online

4 February 2015 – Tourism, Hospitality Industry Top in Employee Engagement: Survey.
Source: HR in Asia