Recruitment & Selection Techniques: Hiring the Right People

The purpose of recruitment interviews is to find the best match candidate. However, general questions illicit general answers. Close-ended questions illicit model answers. Just how can an interviewer apply tried and tested questioning techniques to obtain relevant evidence from the candidate within one hour of an interview?

In addition, participants will also be familiarised with the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices in order to understand what constitute discriminating practices of recruitment.

Recruitment interviewers should sign up for this course to maximise the chance of finding the best match for the job. Finding the best match means adding an asset to the team, instead of a liability.

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Words from the Trainer: "Whether is it a tight labour market or not, a company needs to recruit based on established criteria in order to find the best match candidate, and know where to guide the new hire to perform adequately during the probationary period.  When this process is carried out purposefully, a company might just have found the perfect fit!"

After the workshop, you will be able to:

  • apply the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment practices
  • determine the competencies of a job
  • distinguish the difference between competency, behavioural and scenario-based questions
  • design the right questions to ask
  • deploy further probe questions to get specific answers from the candidate
  • assess candidate’s suitability objectively
  • Preparing a Focus
    - What do you need for the job?
    - What to look for in a job candidate?

  • Interview Techniques
    - Competency-based techniques
    - Behavioural-based techniques
    - Scenario-based techniques
    - When to deploy each type of techniques

  • Digging for Gold
    - Using STAR to probe

  • The Interviewing Process
    - Stages in the interview
    - The best time to ask "why do you want to leave the company?"

  • Post Interview Action
    - Reference checking
    - Candidate evaluation method

Additional Details

Who Should Attend?
All managers, executives, supervisors, team and project leaders who need to spend a lot of time conducting interviews to get the right person and to get things done.

Established techniques such as competency-based, behavioural-based and scenario-based questioning approaches will be shared in this workshop. Using a training video, participants will be able to recognise the benefits of well-designed structured interview questions. Class exercise and case practice will equip participants to develop the right questions to ask and know how to ask it confidently.

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PMCMr William Thien is a certified Practicing Management Consultant (PMC), Certified Productivity Consultant (CPC), Associate Consultant with the Singapore Productivity Centre (SPC), and a member of the Singapore Business Advisors and Consultants Council (SBACC), Institute of Management Consultants (Singapore), as well as the Singapore Productivity Association (SPA). William holds a degree in Master of Arts in Instructional Design and Technology from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) as well as a Bachelor of Science (Econs) (Hons) in Management Studies, from the University of London. Professionally, he holds a Graduate Diploma in Personnel Management from the Singapore Institute of Management and has also completed the Advance Certificate in Training and Assessment (ACTA) from the Institute of Adult Learning.

Other than his professional work, William has been the inaugural Chairman of the Special Interest Group (Coaching and Mentoring) at Adults Education Network, an arm of the Institute of Adults Learning. He is also a member of the HR Committee at St Luke’s Hospital. William has worked in the shipbuilding, engineering and construction as well as the hotel industries. During this period of work, he carried a wide variety of portfolios, including recruitment & selection, compensation & benefits, performance management, employee industrial relations and training & development.

William is the key contributor for 'The Hands On Guide - Human Resource Manager, Singapore', 'HR Letters, Forms and Policies, Singapore’ and co-author of the Singapore chapter of ‘Employment Law Asia’ published by CCH Asia Pte Ltd. He has also been an editorial advisor of the publication People Strategies.

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“I now understand the kind of questions to ask and the various stages of interviews, and can apply them to identify more suitable candidates.”
- HD/DD, legal Prof & Reg (Legal Industry), MinLaw, Support Services, Projects

“I have learnt really interesting and useful interviewing concepts and techniques that will help in understanding the candidates better during interviews.”
- Senior HR Management Executive, MHA, ICA, HR Management, Mpr Div

“I have learnt how to enhance the interview time and how to use probing questions.”
- CEO, CYS Global Remit Pte Ltd

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Course Code/ID: CRS-N-0028042
(for SDF/SFC applications)

Time 9:00 am to 5:00pm
(7 hrs excluding lunch break)

Early bird    S$363.80
Normal        S$417.30
Members    S$321.00
*Fees are inclusive of 7% GST.

Early birdEarly bird:   27 Jul 2017

DateAvailable dates

18 August 2017
3 November 2017

VenueLocation (subject to change)

School of Economics / School of Social Sciences, Singapore Management University (SMU), 90 Stamford Road

yes, approvedSDF-Approved

yes, approvedSkillsFuture Credit Claimable

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